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  1. Artaxerxes I, (died 425 bc, Susa, Elam [now in Iran]), Achaemenid king of Persia (reigned 465-425 bc ). He was surnamed in Greek Macrocheir (Longhand) and in Latin Longimanus. A younger son of Xerxes I and Amestris, he was raised to the throne by the commander of the guard, Artabanus, who had murdered Xerxes
  2. ARTAXERXES. ar-taks-urk'-sez (Artaxerxes): Is the Greek and Latin form of one, and perhaps of two or three kings of Persia mentioned in the Old Testament. (1) All are agreed that the Artaxerxes at whose court Ezra and Nehemiah were officials is Artaxerxes I, the son of Xerxes, commonly called Longimanus, who reigned from 465 to 424 BC
  3. Answer: Artaxerxes was king of Persia from c. 464 to c. 425 BC. He was a son of King Xerxes (Ahasuerus) and is often referred to as Artaxerxes I Longimanus. Ezra and Nehemiah both traveled from Persia to Jerusalem from the court of Artaxerxes
  4. Artaxerxes was the second son of Xerxes, who was murdered in the summer of 465 by his all-powerful vizir Artaban. The murderer accused the king's eldest son Darius of the crime, with the result that Darius was slain by his younger brother Artaxerxes, who then mounted the throne
  5. Artaxerxes I. ( altpersisch Rtachschaçā [ ɔːrtæxˈʃæçɔː ], persisch اردشیر Ardaschīr [ ærdæˈʃiːr ]; altgriechisch ἈρταξέρξηςArtaxérxēs, späterer Beiname Μακρόχειρ Makrocheir Langhand) war von 465 v. Chr. bis zu seinem Tod im Dezember 424 v. Chr. persischer Großkönig. Das Ende seines Akzessionsjahres leitete am 1

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ARTAXERXES, throne name of several Persian kings of the Achaemenid dynasty.The Old Persian form Artaxšaçā (really Ṛtaxšaca, for the forms with -ā/-ām in the nom./acc. sing. are influenced by Xerxes' name, Xšayārša) means whose reign is through truth. The interpretation in Herodotus 6.98.3 as mégas arḗïos great warrior is wrong ARTAXERXES I, a son of Xerxes I and Amestris, whose name Flavius Josephus (Jewish Antiquities 11.6.1.) gives as Cyrus, Persian king 465-64 to 424-23 B.C. Greek authors (first Plutarch, Artoxerxes 1.1) give him the surname Longhanded, Long-armed (Makrocheir, Latin Macrochir, Longimanus, New Persian Ardašīr-e derāzdast).They explain the term symbolically (cf. Pollux, Onomastikon 2.151. Artaxerxes (the great warrior).The first Artaxerxes is mentioned in and appears identical with Smerdis, the Magian impostor and pretended brother of Cambyses, who usurped the throne B.C. 522, and reigned eight months.In (Nehemiah 2:1) we have another Artaxerxes.We may safely identify him with Artaxerxes Macrocheir or Longimanus, the son of Xerxces, who reigned B.C. 464-425 Artaxerxes II, Achaemenid king of Persia (reigned 404-359/358). He was the son and successor of Darius II and was surnamed (in Greek) Mnemon, meaning the mindful. When Artaxerxes took the Persian throne, the power of Athens had been broken in the Peloponnesian War (431-404), and the Greek town

A 7212 Artaxerxes (ideiglenes jelöléssel 2155 T-2) a Naprendszer kisbolygóövében található aszteroida. Cornelis Johannes van Houten, Ingrid van Houten-Groeneveld és Tom Gehrels fedezte fel 1973. szeptember 29-én.. Lásd még. Kisbolygók listája (7001-7500) Jegyzete One of the most frustrating dates concerns that of a decree given by the Persian emperor, Artaxerxes 1. The goal of my paper here is to identify the date once and for all, because it provides the key to the Bible's most important Messianic prophecy

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Artaxerxes burned the city down and put Tennes to death. In 344/43, a second attempt to reconquer Egypt was successful. Several Church Fathers report that Ochus exiled a large number of Jews to Hyrcania, the region south of the Caspian Sea, and Paulus Orosius (fifth century), the author of a world history, and George the Syncellus (d. c. 810. Artaxerxes I (är'təzûrk`sēz), d. 425 B.C., king of ancient Persia (464-425 B.C.), of the dynasty of the Achaemenis. Artaxerxes is the Greek form of Ardashir the Persian. Birth: 504 B.C. Death: 424 B.C. Artaxerxes of Persia. Artaxerxes I of Persia was the fifth king of the Achaemenid Dynasty. His father was the former King Xerxes and he ruled the Persian Empire from 465 B.C. to 425 B.C. which is where he appears on the Biblical Timeline Chart Artaxerxes and its Median Roots Before moving on, take one more look at the chart above and you'll see that not only does Ahasuerus (Xšayâršahyâ) and King (Xšayathiya) have roots in the Median administrative word xšay but so does the title or name we know as Artaxerxes (Artaxšaçâ). This just adds to the evidence that Artaxerxes, before it was a throne name chosen by Xerxes son Longimanus, may well have been used as part of the administrative vocabulary of the author of the book of.

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Artaxerxes. Name Related Names Related Ratings Comments Namesakes. 56% Rating. Save. Gender Masculine. Usage Ancient Persian (Hellenized), Biblical. Scripts. 11 Now this is the copy of the letter that the king Artaxerxes gave unto Ezra the priest, the scribe, even a scribe of the words of the commandments of YHWH, and of his statutes to Israel. 12 Artaxerxes, king of kings, unto Ezra the priest, a scribe of the law of the God of heaven, perfect peace, and at such a time

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  1. The favorite Overture in the Opera of Artaxerxes adapted for Two Performers on one Harpsichord or Piano Forte Purchase: Javascript is required for this feature. For Keyboar
  2. Learn more about Artaxerxes from the Easton's Bible Dictionary. The Greek form of the name of several Persian kings. (1.) The king who obstructed the rebuilding of the temple (Ezra 4:7). He was probably the Smerdis of profane history. (2.
  3. ARTAXERXES (Ar·ta·xerxʹes). A name or title applied in the Bible to two Persian kings. 1. The Persian ruler who caused the building of Jehovah's temple at Jerusalem to be stopped
  4. Artaxerxes ' ArtaxerxhV, ' ArtoxerxhV (Hdt. 6, 98 szerint a m. o megaV arhioV), az ó-perzsa ékíratokban Artakhsathrá, a. m. a dicső-országú; perzsa királyok neve. - 1. I. A. Longimanus, Makroceir, a hosszúkezű; I. Xerxes és Amestris fia, atyjának meggyilkolása után Kr. e. 465 nyarán királylyá lett. Diod. Sic. 11, 69. Just. 3, 1. Rokonainak és ország nagyjainak, meg a.
  5. Artaxerxes IV (Old-Persian Artakhšaça ): name of a Achaemenid king of the Persian empire, ruled 338-336. His real name was Arses. Arses was a son of the Persian king Artaxerxes III Ochus (358-338), and succeeded his father. According to a Greek source, Diodorus of Sicily, the powerful eunuch Bagoas poisoned many members of the royal family, but a.
  6. Artaxerxes definition: Artaxerxes I 465?-424? b . c . ; king of ancient Persia : son of Xerxes I | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example
  7. Artaxerxes II (r. 404-358 BCE, also known as Artaxerxes II Mnemon) was the 10th monarch of the Achaemenid Empire (c. 550-330 BCE). He was the son of Darius II (r. 424-404 BCE) and Parysatis (who was..

Artaxerxes II Mnemon, King of Persia, was born circa 456 BC; died circa 358 BC. Artaxerxes II Mnemon (Old Persian: ΠμΫΧρςΠ [1] Artaxšaçā, Ancient Greek: Ἀρταξέρξης) was king of Persia from 404 BC until his death. He was a son of Darius II of Persia and Parysatis king of Persia who sanctioned the practice of Judaism in Jerusalem (?-424 BC Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube Artaxerxes I. (altpersisch Rtachschaçā [ɔːrtæxˈʃæçɔː], persisch اردشیر Ardaschīr [ærdæˈʃiːr]; altgriechisch Ἀρταξέρξης Artaxérxēs, späterer Beiname Μακρόχειρ Makrocheir Langhand) war von 465 v. Chr. bis zu seinem Tod im Dezember 424 v. Chr. persischer Großkönig.Das Ende seines Akzessionsjahres leitete am 1

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Artaxerxes . Or Artachshasht {ar-takh- shasht'}; or by permutation Artachshactu {ar-takh-shast'}; of foreign origin; Artachshasta (or Artaxerxes), a title (rather than name) of several Persian kings -- Artaxerxes Artaxerxes I - Regnal Years and Timeline. Daniel's prophecy of 69 weeks commences with a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem, and the timeline of Artaxerxes I verifies when Artaxerxes issued that decree to Ezra.. Daniel (along with Ezra and Nehemiah) reckoned regnal years by the accession-year system and civil calendar years running Tishri-Elul (see Regnal Year Reckoning) (Per. Artakhshacha; Gr. Artaxerxes; Heb. and Aram. אַרְתַּחְשַׁשְׂתְּא and אַרְתַּחְשַׁסְתְּא; in Heb. once also.

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Artaxerxes II Mnemon (Limyra, Mausoleum of Pericles) Relatives: Father: Darius II Nothus; Mother: Parysatis; First wife: Statira (daughter of Hydarnes) Sons: Darius, Artaxerxes III Ochus, Ariaspes; Daughter: Apama (married to Pharnabazus), Rhodogyne (married to Orontes), Amestris, Atossa; Second wife: name not known Son: Arsames; Main deeds. Real name: Arsace Synonyms for Artaxerxes in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Artaxerxes. 2 synonyms for Artaxerxes: Artaxerxes II, Artaxerxes I. What are synonyms for Artaxerxes

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1763 English libretto for Thomas Arne's opera Artaxerxes. Thomas Arne most likely wrote his own libretto for Artaxerxes, which enjoyed a successful run at Covent Garden beginning on 2 February 1762. Artaxerxes follows the structure of Metastasio's Italian libretto on the same subject; no other English-language opera has been recognized as following the principles of Metastasian opera seria Artaxerxes I would reign for 45 years after Xerxes' death (r. 465-424 BCE). They stayed married, but Xerxes built an enormous harem, and while he was in Sardis after the Battle of Salamis, he fell in love with the wife of his full brother Masistes. She resisted him, so he arranged a marriage between Masistes' daughter Artayne and his own.

[ The Letter of Artaxerxes to Ezra] This is a copy of the letter that King Artaxerxes gave Ezra the priest, the scribe, expert in the words of the commandments of the Lord, and of His statutes to Israel Artaxerxes. 19 likes. LJ + VJ based in Munich working @ Rote Sonne and Mixed Munich Arts. the silence of light fervent to spoi

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Schmitt, Rudiger (1987): Artaxerxes y Artaxerxes I, en Enciclopaedia Iranica. Enlaces externos. Wikimedia Commons alberga una categoría multimedia sobre Artajerjes I. Artehistoria.com: Biografía de Artajerjes ARTAXERXES (ar-ta-zûrk'sēz). A proper name or possibly a title, like Pharaoh or Caesar for several kings of Persia. The name is variously derived by scholars but perhaps strong king (Gesenius) is as good as any. Herodotus said it meant great warrior. It is the name or title of three Persian kings in the OT The last great king of the Persians, Artaxerxes I, authorized the return of Ezra to the Holy Land to deal with deficiencies in the practice of worship among. Master of the Jardin de vertueuse consolation and assistant (Flemish - Alexander and the Niece of Artaxerxes III - Google Art Project.jpg 3,145 × 4,448; 6.97 MB Nuremberg chronicles f 70v 1.png 233 × 906; 506 K

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Artaxerxes I är˝təzûrk´sēz , d. 425 BC, king of ancient Persia (464-425 BC), of the dynasty of the Achaemenis. Artaxerxes is the Greek form of Ardashir the Persian. He succeeded his father, Xerxes I, in whose assassination he had no part. The later weakness of the Persian Empire is commonly traced to the reign of Artaxerxes, and there were many uprisings in the provinces Artaxerxes is the Latin form of the Greek Artaxerxes (Αρταξέρξης), itself from the Old Persian Artaxšaçā (whose reign is through truth). It is known in other languages as; Elamite Ir-tak-ik-ša-iš-ša , Ir-da-ik-ša-iš-ša ; Akkadian Ar-ta-ʾ-ḫa-šá-is-su ; Middle Persian and New Persian Ardašīr

In fact, Plutarch and Justinus effectively described a long co-regency of Artaxerxes but with his first son Darius B (434- 426), not Darius II, and afterward two shorts reigns: Xerxes II for 2. A 7212 Artaxerxes (ideiglenes jelöléssel 2155 T-2) a Naprendszer kisbolygóövében található aszteroida. Cornelis Johannes van Houten, Ingrid van Houten-Groeneveld és Tom Gehrels fedezte fel 1973. szeptember 29-én King Artaxerxes had given a copy of the following letter to Ezra, the priest and scribe who studied and taught the commands and laws of the LORD to Israel: - Ezra 7:11 Greetings* from Artaxerxes , the king of kings, to Ezra the priest, the teacher of the law of the God of heaven.5 - Ezra 7:1 Artaxerxes I (465/64-424 BC) Achaemenid Persian king. He came to the throne after the murder of his father Xerxes I and his brother the crown prince Darius. At his accession, a rebel Egyptian king named in Greek sources as Inaros took control of much of the country, but the Achaemenid. The scripture states the decree was issued in the seventh year of Artaxerxes (Ezra 7:7-8), which fits the historically accepted timeline of the reign of Artaxerxes, who came to power about 465 BC. Conclusion. The Decree of Artaxerxes, about 457 BC, is the one mentioned in Daniel 9:25. LX

Artaxerxes I (r.464-425 BC) was the Persian Emperor during the last stage of the Greco-Persian War and the first part of the Great Peloponnesian War, ending the first of those wars with the Peace of Callias, in which the Athenians acknowledged Persian authority in Asia Minor.The Greeks called him Artaxerxes Macrocheir (Long hand) Artaxerxes came to the throne after the assassination of Xerxes. The name of four rulers of the Persian Achaemenid dynasty, which controlled most or all of Mesopotamia from about 550 to 330 B.c.(Artaxerxes isaGreek corruption of the Persian name Artakh shathra.) The first Artaxerxes (ar ta ZERK seez), wh

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Artaxerxes a Bibliában Vissz Actually, Cyrus, Darius, and Artaxerxes were all correct as stated clearly in Ezra 6:14. And the elders of the Jews built and prospered through the prophesying of Haggai the prophet and Zechariah the son of Iddo. They finished their building by decree of the God of Israel and by decree of Cyrus and Darius and Artaxerxes king of Persia

Definition of Artaxerxes king of Persia who subdued numerous revolutions and made peace with Sparta (?-359 BC) king of Persia who sanctioned the practice of Judaism in Jerusalem (?-424 BC Artaxerxes i definition, king of Persia 464-24. See more

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Artaxerxes finally crushed Cyrus' rebellion at the battle of Cunaxa (401 BC), where Cyrus was killed. The story of the Greek contingent in the battle was made famous by Xenophon. Artaxerxes was ruled by the will of his wife and mother and relied heavily upon his officials; in addition, the satraps Pharnabazus and Tissaphernes ha Artaxerxes View all boy names. Meanings Biblical Names Meaning: In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Artaxerxes is: The silence of light, fervent to spoil'. Similar names: Atad

Learn more about Artaxerxes from the Easton's Bible Dictionary. The Greek form of the name of several Persian kings. (1.) The king who obstructed the rebuilding of the temple (Ezra 4:7). He was probably the Smerdis of profane history. (2.) The king mentioned in Ezra 7:1, in the seventh year (B.C. 458) of whose reign Ezra led a second colony. Artaxerxes. the Greek form of the name of several Persian kings. This was the name of 2 Biblical kings.. Artaxerxes, the king who obstructed the rebuilding of the temple (). He was probably the Smerdis of secular history Artaxerxes. EZSDRÁS KÖNYVE, 4 Fejezet Versek: 7, 8, 11, 23 EZSDRÁS KÖNYVE, 6 Fejezet Versek: 14 EZSDRÁS KÖNYVE, 7 Fejezet Versek: 1, 7, 11, 12, 21 EZSDRÁS. Son origine Artaxerxès I Makrocheir Longue-Main (ou Artaserse, en Latín : Artaxerxes, en Persan : Ŗtachschaçā ou Artakhšassa ou Artaxšacā ou اردشیر یکم Ardeshir ou Ardašīr, en Hébreu: ארתחששתא הראשון en Grec: Aρταξέρξης A' Artaxérxês ou Άρτοξέρξης Artoxérxês), est le cinquième souverain de la dynastie Achéménide, ou le sixième s'il.


Artaxerxes ([Greek text omitted]) is the Greek rendering of the throne name of three Achaemenid monarchs, Artaxsaca, corresponding to the Old Iranian [Greek text omitted] (he who reigns through Truth/Right Order) If you haven't solved the crossword clue artaxerxes yet try to search our Crossword Dictionary by entering the letters you already know! (Enter a dot for each missing letters, e.g. P.ZZ.. will find PUZZLE.) Also look at the related clues for crossword clues with similar answers to artaxerxes Contribute to Crossword Clue Artaxerxes' Court was a powerful node located in Persepolis, modern-day Iran. It was used to supply Quintessence to Horizon. Dedicated by the Euthanatos in the 1450s CE, this node is the site of Persian King Artaxerxes III's assassination by imperial court eunuch Bagoas in 338 BCE. To the Euthanatos, it represents both the death of the Persian king and the collapse of his empire, which fell.

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Aricia artaxerxes (Fabricius, 1793) - bükki szerecsenboglárka Szinonímák: Papilio allous, Plebejus artaxerxes allous, Plebeius artaxerxes allous, Plebejus artaxerxes issekutzi, Plebeius artaxerxes issekutzi, Aricia allous issekutzi - szerecsenboglárk In the days of Artaxerxes, the Persian month equivalent to Nisan on the Jewish calendar was the beginning of the regnal year; that is, the beginning of the next year in the numbered years of a king's reign. If a king ascended the throne in any other month, his first year did not start until the following Nisan, and the remaining time until. Artaxerxes, produced at Covent Garden on 2 February 1762, was the serious equivalent of Thomas and Sally. It was the first attempt to set a full-blown opera seria libretto in English Too bad ya cant fall in love with artaxerxes as one of the many options. Also feel bad hes exiled now, wish there was a second quest with him. Reply. enricofairme says: October 6, 2018 at 11:18 am Thanks. I do wish there was a longer story arc with him as well. Reply. BloodRhino says

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