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Jack Black, születési nevén: Thomas Jack Black (Santa Monica, Kalifornia, 1969. augusztus 28. -) amerikai színész, komikus, zenész és YouTube videós. Barátjával, Kyle Gasszel közösen alkottak egy félig komédia, félig rock duót, a Tenacious D-t.Tagja az úgynevezett Frat Packnek, ami magába foglalja azokat a komikusokat, akik aktívan játszanak hollywoodi filmekben és. Thomas Jacob Jack Black (Santa Monica (Californië), 28 augustus 1969) is een Amerikaans acteur en muzikant, met name in de comedy-rockband Tenacious D.Hij werd voor zijn rol in The School of Rock genomineerd voor een Golden Globe en een Golden Satellite Award.In 2018 kreeg hij een ster op de Hollywood Walk of Fame.Jack Black is een lid van de Frat Pac Jack Black (n. 28 august 1969, Santa Monica, Comitatul Los Angeles, California, SUA) este un comediant american și solist al formației Tenacious D. Filmografie. Black - într-o reclamă pentru filmul Kung Fu Panda 3. Film. An Titlu Rol Note.

Thomas Jacob Jack Black (født 28. august 1969 i Santa Monica, Californien) er en amerikansk skuespiller, musiker, manuskriptforfatter, YouTuber og producent.Sammen med vennen Kyle Gass udgør Black den musikalske duo Tenacious D.Jack Black medvirker i Double Fines konsolspil Brutal Legend.. Filmografi. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017); Kung Fu Panda 3 (Animationsfilm) ( Blackjack, formerly also Black Jack and Vingt-Un, is the American member of a global family of banking games known as Twenty-One, whose relatives include the British game of Pontoon and the European game, Vingt-et-Un. It is a comparing card game between one or more players and a dealer, where each player in turn competes against the dealer. Players do not compete against each other Kuroo Hazama, or widely known as Dr. Black Jack, is the main protagonist in both the manga and anime series.He is known as an unlicensed master surgeon who charges ridiculous fees to many people. He lives with Pinoko (and Largo in the 2004 TV series) in a house on a cape in Japan, overlooking the beach.. He is voiced by Akio Otsuka in almost every anime series, with the exception of Young. Thomas Jacob Jack Black (born August 28, 1969,) is an American actor, voice actor, singer comedian, writer, producer and musician.He is an important member of the Frat Pack, a name used by members of the media for a group of comedians active in today's Hollywood movies.Black is also in demand for some of Hollywood largest movies and smallest indie films Jack Black is an American actor, musician and comedian. He guest starred in Husbands and Knives as Milo, the owner of Coolsville Comics & Toys. He also sung the Korean Pop version of the song 'What's New Pussy Cat'. Jack Black at the Internet Movie Database Jack Black at Wikipedia Lance Armstrong • Jack Black • Steve Buscemi • Drew Carey • Glenn Close • Dan Clowes • Stephen.

Thomas Jacob Jack Black (born August 28, 1969) is an American actor, singer, comedian, musician and producer. Black gave thevoice of the protagonist Po in Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2, and Lenny in Shark Tale. He also acted in films such as Gulliver's Travels, Peter Jackson's remake King Kong, Enemy of the State, The Jackel, and Tropic Thunder. He is a member of the band Tenacious D. At Jack Black®, we're a small team with a big entrepreneurial spirit. When we started this journey over 20 years ago, we knew one thing for certain: There were plenty of skincare companies that made luxury, efficacious products for women, but no one was addressing the needs of the modern man Jack Black is an American actor, born August 28, 1969. He is best known for his roles in Kung Fu Panda, School of Rock, and Shark Tale. Jack Black was born Thomas Jacob Black in Santa Monica, California, to Judith Love (Cohen) and Thomas William Black, both satellite engineers. He is of British-German (father) and Russian Jewish (mother) ancestry. Black attended the University of California at.

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  1. Thomas Jacob Jack Black, nado o 28 de agosto de 1969 en Santa Monica , é un actor, cómico, e músico estadounidense. É membro do Tenacious D. Traxectoria. Black viviu na súa cidade natal ata que os seus pais se separaron cando el tiña dez anos e foi.
  2. Thomas John Jack Black, Jr. (talaffuzi: Tomas Jon Jek Blek; 28-avgust, 1969-yili tugʻilgan) Amerikalik aktyor, komediyachi, va musiqachidir.U oʻzining rock uslubida koʻplab musiqiy albomlar chiqargan. Kino sanoatida ham ancha mashhur. Onasi yahudiy. Otasi Shotlandiyalik, yahudiy dinini qabul qilgan. Hayotining boshlanishi Musiqadagi karyeras
  3. g sets, cleansers, anti-aging, hair care, body care and sun care products specially formulated for a man's needs. Nothing complicated, nothing cosmetic, just real solutions that provide immediate visible results
  4. Thomas Jacob Jack Black (born August 28, 1969) is an American actor, producer, comedian, vyce airtist, writer, an muisician. His actin career haes been extensive, starrin primarily as bumblin an cocky but internally self-conscious ootsiders in comedy films, tho he haes played some serious roles
  5. Source Thomas Jacob Jack Black is an American actor, comedian, musician, and producer, who is best known for his various film roles such as Dewey Finn in School of Rock, Carl Denham in Peter Jackson's 2005 remake of King Kong, Ignacio/Nacho in Nacho Libre, and Jerry McLean in Be Kind Rewind.He is also well-known for voicing Zeke in the 2002 Blue Sky Studios film, Ice Age, Lenny in DreamWorks.
  6. Thomas Jacob Jack Black, (born August 28, 1969), is an American actor, comedian and musician. He starred in many Hollywood films, including the successful School of Rock, which also starred a very young Miranda Cosgrove. He has hosted the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards three times, in 2006, 2008, and 2011. He guest starred in the iCarly episode, iStart a Fanwar, for the second time working.
  7. Thomas Jacob Black aka Jack Black is an actor, comedian, musician and producer. He is known for his roles in films like Tropic Thunder, Kung Fu Panda films, The Holiday, Bernie, High Fidelity, King Kong, Nacho Libre and Goosebumps. Despite of being an actor, he is the lead vocalist of the comedic rock group Tenacious D, which he formed with.

  1. Black Jack consists of hundreds of short, self-contained stories that are typically about 20 pages long. Black Jack has also been animated into an OVA, two television series (directed by Tezuka's son Makoto Tezuka) and two films. Black Jack is Tezuka's third most famous manga, after Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion.In 1977, it won the 1st Kodansha Manga Award for shōnen
  2. Thomas Jacob «Jack» Black jr. (født 28. august 1969 i Santa Monica i California) er en amerikansk musiker og skuespiller.Han gikk på University of California, Los Angeles.Mens han gikk på universitetet var han medlem av en skuespillergruppe. Han er også sangeren i bandet Tenacious D.Han har uttalt at yndlingsbandet hans er The Who og han er selv medlem av The Frat Pack
  3. Thomas Jacob Black ya da sahne adıyla Jack Black, 28 Ağustos 1969 tarihinde, Santa Monica, Kaliforniya, A.B.D.'de dünyaya geldi.Annesi Judith ve babası Thomas, Hubble Uzay Teleskopu'nun yapımında çalışmış olan başarılı uydu mühendisleriydi

Jack Black is a Panda in LazarBeam's Minecraft series. He was found in part 9 because Lannan said just having Chickens isn't a zoo. I'm gonna get myself a Jack Black, I'm gonna get myself a Kung-Fu Panda. He travelled to a Bamboo Forest and saw the first 'Jack Black'. He said it was a naughty Panda as he accidently attacked some that were 'Aggressive Pandas'. He found the real Panda and took. Jack Black is an American actor, comedian, and musician. He is one half of the comedy and satirical rock duo Tenacious D.He provided the voice of the main character, roadie Eddie Riggs, in the heavy metal-themed action-adventure video game, Brütal Legend, as made by Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions.He introduces the player to the game in the game's intro Jack Black is an American actor, best known for his roles in Kung Fu Panda, School of Rock, Shark Tale, and Goosebumps, he also voiced characters in video games such as King Kong and Goosebumps Night of Scares. 1 History 1.1 Goosebumps (film) 2 Trivia 3 Gallery Black plays the role of R.L. Stine in the Goosebumps movie. He also does the voices for Slappy the Dummy and The Invisible Boy. His.

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Thomas Jacob Jack Black (born August 28, 1969) is an American actor who played Slip in The NeverEnding Story III: Escape from Fantasia. Trivia During the chase scene in the beginning of NeverEnding Story III, when Bastian hides in the library, Jack Black gives a finger gun pose to the camera., Jack Black was a huge fan of the first NeverEnding Story movie, which is why he starred in the. Thomas Jacob Jack Black (born August 28, 1969), is an American actor, voice artist, singer, comedian, writer, producer and musician. Jack has a very extensive career doing comedy films (live-action & animated) and making music. Some of his known films are Shallow Hal, School of Rock, King Kong and Kung-Fu Panda. He played Professor Sheldon Shelly Oberon, the video game version of Bethany.

Thomas Jacob Black, better known as Jack Black, (born August 29, 1969) is an American actor, comedian, and musician. He was featured in the Gorillaz music video for Humility. Quotes. You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow Thomas Jacob Black, Jr. is an American actor, singer, producer, guitarist, voice artist, and comedian, best known for his role in Tenacious D, alongside Kyle Gass. Outside of Tenacious D, Black is best known for his acting roles in motion pictures, such as School of Rock, King Kong, Nacho Libre, and The Holiday. He owns his own production company Electric Dynamite, based in Los Angeles Jack Black and Elmo. Jack Black (b. 1969) is an actor, comedian and musician, known for his work in films and as half of the comedy rock duo Tenacious D. . In 2008, Black guest starred on Sesame Street Season 39, appearing in Word of the Day segments to demonstrate Octagon and Disguise with Elmo and in a Backstage with Elmo segment for Sesamestreet.org Jack the Ripper 「ジャック・ザ・リッパー Jakku Za Rippā」 is the captain of the Clover Kingdom's Green Mantis squad of the Magic Knights2 and a former commoner.3 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Biography 4 Battle Prowess 4.1 Magic 4.2 Abilities 4.3 Equipment 5 Fights 6 Events 7 Notable Quotes 8 Trivia 9 References 10 Navigation Jack is a tall, lean man with gold eyes and loose.

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Jack Black (1969 - ) Frontman of the comedy/rock band Tenacious D a.k.a. Thomas Jacob Black 1 Film Deaths 2 TV Deaths 3 Deaths in Music Video 4 Gallery Waterworld (1995) [Pilot]: Either killed by Kevin Costner when he invades the smoker`s boat, or he dies from the explosion when Kevin Costner.. Jack Black (born Thomas J. Black, Jr. on August 28, 1969) is an award-winning American actor, comedian and musician.Black and Kyle Gass are the comedy/rock duo Tenacious D.He is white of English, German, Irish, Russian Jewish and Scottish descent Jack Black creates superior, advanced skin care for men including shaving creams, moisturizers, grooming sets, cleansers, anti-aging, hair care, body care and sun care products specially formulated for a man's needs. Nothing complicated, nothing cosmetic, just real solutions that provide immediate visible results Jack the Ripper, also known as Assassin of Black(黒のアサシン, Kuro no Asashin?), is the Assassin-class Servant of Reika Rikudou of the Black Faction in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha. Originally summoned by Hyouma Sagara, Reika becomes her Master shortly after. She is one of the Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Grand Orders conflicts of Fate/Grand Order. 1 Profile 1.

Kuro Hazama or widely known as Black Jack, is the main protagonist in both the manga and anime series of the same name. He is known as an unlicensed master surgeon who charges ridiculous fees to many. He lives with Pinoko (and Largo in the 2004 TV series) in a house on a cliff, overlooking the beach. 1 Personality 2 History 2.1 Early life 2.2 Schooling Years 2.3 Present 3 Appearance 4 Trivia. Jack Black Wiki Biography. Thomas Jacob Black was born on 28 August 1969, in Santa Monica, California US, into a Jewish family, and as Jack Black is perhaps best known as the leading rock vocalist of the band Tenacious D, but is also recognised as for his roles in comedy films and as a voice-over actor

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Black Jack. Possible if. Start date is 11 November 1444. Playing in ironman mode. Provinces with historical tax and manpower values. No custom nations. Achieved if. The player's country has 21 different subjects with more than 5 cities and less than 50% liberty desire Jack Sparrow was a legendary pirate of the Seven Seas, and the irreverent trickster of the Caribbean. A captain of equally dubious morality and sobriety, a master of self-promotion and self-interest, Jack fought a constant and losing battle with his own best tendencies. Jack's first love was the sea, his second, his beloved ship the Black Pearl. The son of Captain Edward Teague, Jack Sparrow. Thomas Jacob Jack Black (fæddur 28. ágúst 1969) er bandarískur leikari og gamanleikari.. Tenglar. Jack Black á Internet Movie Database Þetta æviágrip sem tengist leikurum er stubbur The Jack of Spades is a Fifth Age[1] quest. The main reward for completing the quest is access to Menaphos, located in the southern part of the Kharidian Desert. It requires the completion of the two Ozan double bill quests, Stolen Hearts and Diamond in the Rough, to start

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Thomas Jacob BLACK pli konata kiel Jack Black naskiĝis la 28-an de aŭgusto 1969) en Santa Monica, Kalifornio estas usona aktoro, kinproduktoro, humuristo, voĉartisto, verkisto kaj muzikisto.Lia intertempa kariero estis ampleksa, ĉefrolante ĉefe kiel babiladaj kaj tromemfidaj sed interne sinĝenaj eksteruloj en komedifilmoj, kvankam li ludis kelkajn gravajn rolojn Jack now currently has white hair, striking blue eyes, and pale skin. He has a tall stature, albeit slim. His clothing is a blue hooded sweater, frost collecting around the ring of the collar, and wore the same trousers bound with lighter material starting from the knee down to the rather tattered and frayed bottom, and is barefoot throughout the movie Black Jack mentioned he chose her as a model for the body because he thinks she looks rather cute (take note that Black Jack has no romantic ties to anything about either of these girls). This plot point is reminiscent of Dororo, another manga by Osamu Tezuka, in which the main character has extreme body enhancement and replacements, to the. Jack Black, vulgo Thomas Jacob Black, est histrio et musicus et comoedus Americanus, natus Monicopoli die 28 Augusti 1969. Pelliculae selectae [ recensere | fontem recensere ] 1996 - Mars Attacks

Jack Black (2013) Thomas Jacob Jack Black ( 1969 nî 8 goe̍h 28 ji̍t ) sī Bí-kok ê ián-goân. Pún bûn-chiuⁿ sī chi̍t phiⁿ phí-á-kiáⁿ Maybe you know about Jack Black very well But do you know how old and tall is he, and what is his net worth in 2020? If you do not know, We have prepared this article about details of Jack Black's short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, today's net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts Thomas Jacob Jack Black, Jr. (Santa Monica, 1969ko abuztuaren 28a), Estatu Batuetako aktorea da. Filmografia. Urtea Filma Pertsonaia Oharrak 1992 Bob Roberts: Roger Davis 1993 Airborne: Augie Demolition Man: Wasteland Scrap 1994 The NeverEnding Story III: Slip, Leader of the Nasties 1995 Bye Bye Love: DJ at Party. Thomas Jacob Jack Black, born in Hermosa Beach, California, is an actor. He voices the saber-tooth tigerZeke in the first Ice Age film. Born in Hermosa Beach, California to parents Judith and Thomas William, Black claims his name may have come from the occupational name of Blacksmith. At the age of ten, Black's parents divorced; with that, he moved with his father to Culver City, visiting.

Ask anybody I've worked for, and they'll tell you about Jack Black. One night I had two hundred rats in a cage, placed in my sitting-room, and a gent's dog happened to get at the cage, and undid the door, snuffing about, and let 'em all loose. Directly I come in I knew they was loose by the smell Jack Black (born August 28, 1969) is an American actor, voice actor, musician and comedian. 1 Early life 2 Roles 3 Voices 4 Discography 5 Personal life 6 References 7 External link Sergeant First Class Jack Kellar is the main character of the video game Black.His rank is Sergent First Class and is a Black Ops soldier for the CIA.He belongs in Bravo team.Despite being a great marksman (Depending on the player's skill) and fighter, he is somewhat rebellious, and often deliberately disobeys direct orders (Such as when he goes through the doorway after Lennox in the first. Lieutenant Jack is a member of the police force and one of five possible possible partners the Player Character can have assigned to him if he chooses to work for the police force. To have Jack assigned as the Player Character's partner, he must choose Change To Pop at the start of the game, followed by Police Officer when Vekk asks what the Player is good at on Night 1

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Jack (also known as Samurai Jackor simply The Samurai) is the alias taken by a Japanese warrior (with an unknown birth name) who acts as the titular protagonist of the cartoon Samurai Jack. Throughout the series, he is voiced by Phil LaMarr. Since youth, Jack trained in many different areas under numerous teachers in a variety of skills to defeat the demon Aku. However, Aku's dark magic sent. Jack attacks the Mokomo Dukedom. Seventeen days before Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar Law's arrival at Zou, Jack and his men broke through the gate to the Mokomo Dukedom, leaving it in ruins and severely injuring the guards.Jack and Sheepshead told the minks to hand over a ninja known as Raizo.The minks did not comply, causing an irritated Jack to destroy several buildings with his trunk John Daniel Edward Jack Torrance is the main villainous protagonist of Stephen King's 1977 horror novel The Shining as well as its 1980 film adaptation by Stanley Kubrick and the 1997 TV miniseries adaptation. He is also the posthumous overarching antagonist of the 2013 sequel Doctor Sleep and its 2019 film adaptation. Jack was a writer and a recovering alcoholic who lived with his wife.

Jack Noir is an Agent of Derse who appears in every session of Sburb.He oversees various affairs of the kingdom and does all of the most important and most tedious paperwork, and is the direct subordinate of the King and Queen.In the kids' session, he slew the Queen, and soon after, the King, declaring himself as the Sovereign Slayer and wreaking havoc on the Medium Jack Black is an American actor. He portrayed Sam in the episode Stress Relief of The Office Hi Thomas Jacob Jack Black, Jr. (Agosto 28, 1969) in usa ka aktor nga Amerikano. Usa ka turók ini nga barasahon. An Wikimedia Commons mayda media nga nahahanungod han: Jack Black

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Jack Black American actor, comedian, musician, music producer, and YouTuber. Black Jack is a character, Mona's father, a kingpin and the (former) main antagonist, but tertiary tritagonist from the animated series, The Magician. Black-Jack is one of the (former) major kingpins of the international underworld. He has built and owns a number of giant casinos. But Black-Jack has a terrible sickness which has glued him to his wheel chair and makes him extremely sensitive to. Jack Black is an American actor, comedian. He is best known voicing as Po from Kung Fu Panda films and Lenny from Shark Tale. Roles. R.L. Stine from Goosebumps & Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween. Slappy the Dummy from Goosebumps. Brent Green from Goosebumps. Add a photo to this gallery Jack Skellington appears in the first four installments of the Kingdom Hearts video game series. During his attempts to go from world to world and defeat the evil Heartless - (who eventually destroy whatever world they are in) main protagonist - Sora, along with his friends Donald Duck and Goofy, befriend Jack.As he aids Sora, Donald and Goody, Jack helps battles the Heartless, who turn out to.

black-jack (countable and uncountable, plural black-jacks) (obsolete, mineralogy, Britain) Sphalerite; zincblende. Caramel or burnt sugar, used to colour wines, spirits, ground coffee, etc. A large leather vessel for beer, etc. The Quercus nigra, water oak or barren oak Black Jack (ブラック・ジャック Burakku Jakku) is an anime series based on the manga created by Osamu Tezuka in the 1970's, dealing with the medical adventures of the title character, doctor Black Jack. 1 Dubbing History 2 Cast 2.1 Additional Voices 3 Cast (Animax Dub) 4 Transmission 5 See Also 6 External Links The series was originally dubbed in Hong Kong for airing by Animax's.

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Black Jack is an outlaw surgeon and major character created by Osamu Tezuka. He appears occasionally through the Osamu Tezuka Star System, but is mainly known for starring in the titular Black Jack manga series. 1 Origin 2 Personality 3 Appearance 4 Astro Boy series 4.1 1980 anime 4.2 Astro Boy: Omega Factor 4.3 Astro II 5 References Black Jack originally debuted in 1973. Tezuka modelled him. Jack Black Wiki 2020, Height, Age, Net Worth 2020, Family - Find facts and details about Jack Black on wikiFame.or

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Jack-Jack is a major character from the 2004 Disney•Pixar animated film, The Incredibles and its2018 sequel. He is the youngest son of Bob Parr and Helen Parr and the younger brother of Violet Parr and Dash Parr. Despite coming from a family of Supers, it was initially believed that he was born without any powers. In a surprising turn of events, the Parrs would later discover that he has at. Jack Marston is a recurring character in the Red Dead series, appearing as a central character and the secondary protagonist of Red Dead Redemption, and as a supporting character in Red Dead Redemption 2. With the addition of the Liars and Cheats DLC pack, Jack Marston is also a multiplayer character model that may be selected in the 'Redemption' section of the Outfitter. 1 History 1.1. Jack Black (1871-1932) was a late-19th-century/early-20th-century hobo and professional burglar. Born in 1871 near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, he was raised.

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History Edit. Captain Black Jack is a modern-day pirate, who took advantage of the nations were at war to plunder ships.. In his first appearance Black Jack and his gang stole a yacht full of passengers and threw the ship's captain at sea, luckily he is saved by Aquaman, who quickly defeated the Black Jack 's gang and returns the command of the yacht and that was stolen the captain Black, 2016. Si Thomas Jacob Jack Black, Jr. (Santa Monica, Agosto 28, 1969) dating sarong Amerikanong entertainer. Huring pigliwat an pahinang ini kan 17 Enero 2019, alas 05:44. An teksto makukua sa irarom kan Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; tibaad igwa pang ibang. A story is true. A story is untrue. As time extends, it matters less and less. The stories we want to believe, those are the ones that survive, despite upheaval and transition and progress. Those are the stories that shape history. Jack Rackham[src] Jack Rackham is a pirate captain who operated in the Bahamas during the early 18th century. He served as theQuartermaster on the pirate ship. Jack Baker(ジャック・ベイカー,Jakku Beikā?) was the patriarch of the Baker family of Dulvey, Louisiana. He was the husband of Marguerite Baker and father to Zoe and Lucas Baker. He was the younger brother of Joe Baker. He and his family were behind a series of kidnappings and murders from 2015-2017, due to the control of Eveline. 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 Meeting Eveline 1.3. Jack Black (born on August 28, 1969 in Hermosa Beach, California, USA) is an actor who portrayed Bart Zero Liquori in The X-Files. Bart Zero Liquori (TXF: D.P.O.) Jack Black at the Internet Movie Database. Jack Black - X-Files Wiki - David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis.

A coal-black Morgan-American Quarter Horse cross, Black Jack served in the Caisson Platoon of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard). Named in honor of General John J. (Black Jack) Pershing, he was the riderless horse in more than 1,000 Armed Forces Full Honors Funerals (AFFHF), the majority of which were in Arlington National Cemetery. With boots reversed in the stirrups, he was a. Jack Black is a minor antagonist from The Muppets. He is Animal's former court-appointed sponsor. And host of The Muppet Telethon. He is not actually evil. He is very grouchy, cocky, stubborn and arrogant The Black Pearl was an infamous pirate ship, originally named the Wicked Wench. At one point, it was sold and turned into a merchant vessel before turning back to piracy when it was re-christened. With sails as dark as a moonless night, and a hull painted to match, this legendary ship of the seven seas was every inch a pirate vessel. Built for action, this ghost ship could outsail any other. Jack was a genetically-engineered Human born during the 24th century. 1 History 2 Memorable quotes 3 Appendices 3.1 Appearances 3.2 Background information 3.3 Apocrypha 3.4 External links Jack's parents took him, as a child, to undergo an illegal procedure called accelerated critical neural pathway formation which dramatically increased his intelligence beyond what Humans would call genius. Jack Black (2016) Thomas Jacob Jack Black, Jr. (August 28, 1969) je osere ara Amerika. Itokasi Wikimedia Commons ní àwọn.

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Jack Black: Profesiono: cinem-aktoro: Lando: Usa: Naskodato: 28 di agosto 1969, 7 di aprilo 1969: Nasko-loko: Santa Monica, Kalifornia, Usa: Mortodato: Thomas Jacob Black (n. 1969) esas notora Usana cinem-aktoro Ica pagino modifikesis ye 13:04, 8 okt. 2017. La texto esas. Actor, Jack Black with his son Thomas David Black Tommy has an elder brother Samuel Black, known as Sammy. His maternal grandfather is Charlie Haden who plays the Double Bass while his paternal grandparents are Judith Love (grandmother) and Thomas Black (grandfather) Jack Black appears as Buddy in episode 112, Investigative Journalism.The episode centers around Buddy's desire to be a part of the study group, and the group's sudden need to define what their. Jack Large (played by Big Mick), also known as Unspeakably Violent Jack, the Bull-Buggering, Priest-Killer of No Fixed Abode, his fearsome reputation was somewhat undermined by his being somewhat less than five foot tall. Jack was a member of The Black Seal and died after being poisoned by Baldrick and Percy. Jack Large Nationality British Occupation Murderer First appearance The Black Seal. Jack Bonney is a Unit Operative for the BTSU. Jack Bonney was estranged from his father and raised by his mother. He never received formal education, but excels in athletics and combat sports. Briefly worked as a cleaner for the mob. Jack also has the ability to recognize and analyze his adversaries' weaknesses and exploit them. Since joining the Black Tusk, he has been known to make rash.

Thomas Jacob Black, Jr. (mes conoixito como Jack Black) naixito de Santa Mónica o 28 d'agosto de 1969, ye un actor, comico y musico estatounidense. Black y Kyle Gass entre atros forman a colla de rock Tenacioues D.. Vinclos externos. en) Jack Black en IMDb. (en) Pachina web de Tenacious D

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